Confessional—religious Roleplay W/ A Japanese Nun

$7.00/per min

Confessional—religious Roleplay W/ A Japanese Nun

Ext. 0158


this is your opportunity to confess all of your darkest, dirtiest fantasies to a Japanese nun. let's step into the confessional and explore every filthy secret you're afraid to tell anyone else. i am skilled at illuminating the most hidden, remote corners of the psyche, and get an erotic thrill from uncovering and extracting all of the kinks you've worked so hard to conceal from the rest of the world.

i am equally happy listening to you reveal your nasty side . . . or taking things even further and engaging in roleplay, to bring your repressed dreams to fruition.

let the blessed sacrament begin . . .

Status Professional
Category Kinky


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