Suffer For Me, Cuckold!

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Suffer For Me, Cuckold!

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Look at what you’ll never have! Be grateful for me sacrificing three minutes of my
valuable time – but only because I have dressed extremely provocative for my big-
dicked, attractive lover! I am here in a 5-star luxury hoteland have just received
another dwarf-cocked loser. His only purpose was to lay his last loser money at this
high-heeled goddess’s feet. Additionally he brought a bouqet of roses, probably
thinking this would impress me somehow. It’s made me so horny humiliating him and
showing him what he’d never get… I slapped his face, spit at him and had him crawl
around the floor naked. He almost started crying… haha!
I’m wearing 12cm (5 inch) grey leather pumps and no slip (why should I?), hold-up
stockings, a white satin blouse and a very short skirt. My breasts almost blow open
the blouse…
Be aware that I am into real men, not into submissive, tiny-dicked, whining
Take a close look at what you will never have!

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Category BDSM


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