Creating a pay per call listing is easy to do with

In fact, it's so easy it can all be done on one page.  Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the listing builder, this tool has the power to propel your pocket book out of this stratosphere if used correctly.  To publish a listing you must first have a subscription, you can begin with the Free subscription and upgrade as you grow your business. 

Your free subscription gives you the ability to create up to 5 pay per call listings. 

Every pay per call listing you create automatically comes with a host of features such as:

  1. Free 866 9-Advice Number with 5 extension,

  2. Direct message link (for each listing for easy management),

  3. A tip button (receive tips from $5-$25),

  4. Your own web page 

  5. Share button with over 50 sharing options

  6. 3 Photo carousel

  7. Comment and reviews section

  8. Link to profile with additional listings

  9. SEO friendly headlines for organic traffic

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to create your pay per minute listing.

Your listing builder consist of 10 entries:

  1. Title

  2. Category

  3. Status

  4. Location

  5. Description

  6. Price (per minute)

  7. Featured

  8. On Top

  9. Picture

  10. Publish

Let's start with the title and work our way down.

1.  Title

Your title is the headline of your pay per call listing and one of the most important elements of your listing.  The title of your listing is not only what your customers will see but also what search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will see.  Yes, these search engines matter and can even be a great source of free advertising.  Having a good title can save you time and money because people that are looking for your service can find you easier when their searching online.  A good title is also easy to share on social media and has instant viral potential.  Here are a couple of do's and don'ts when it comes to creating a title for your pay per call listings.


Make each title different - Duplicate titles are not good for your business (even unplished/draft listings). Search engines do not like duplicate content. If you have listings with the same title you will end up competing against yourself and search engines will not know which page to rank higher.  As a result, your duplicate pages may be canceled out and look at as a copy.  Even if you have 5 listing in the same category make sure they all have different titles and content.


Copy other advisors titles - There may be instances where titles are similar but dupliacating titles will not help your business.


Make your title descritptive - Let the world know what service you're providing.


Make your title plain - Simple titles like "Call Me" or "Hello" will make it harder to be found by search engines and potiental customers.


Use keywords in your title - Using keywords will increase your chances of someone finding the service you have to offer.  There are great services where you can find keywords to use according to your profession like Uber suggest and even Google can help you with this.


Keyword dump - Don't fill your listing title with only keywords, use keywords wisely and as you would in a converation (search engines can tell).


Take advangate of the SEO friendly url - One of the many great features of is the search engine optimized urls.  Pay attention to how your title appears in the search bar 

pay per call listing title


Use special characters and emojis -  like & % > " $ *  @ # in your title.  They do not translate well in search engines and make it harder for your listing to be found. 

Instead of using a dollar sign $ write the word money.

Instead of using the & symbol write the word and.

Note: You can use any special charater you wish to express yourself, the system will not stop you from doing so.  We are simply making suggestions to you so you can receive the maxisum results for your business.



Include your name in the title - To be found (by name) in search engines and in the paidbytheminute search include your name in one of your listing. For example, if your name is King Reggie.  A good title might be "King Reggie available for relationship and love advice." Now, your name will become synomious with the keywords used. 

Search engines will look at the title of your listing and see these words:

Which means when people search these key words in a search engine or on PaidByTheMinute your listing will appear. 

A descritptive title gives you more visiblity by breaking down your words and making it easy for people who are seaching for you to find you.  A title like "Call Me" only produces two words that are not descriptive and may get you lost in the shuffle.


Add any personal information - such as phone number or address to title.


2.  Category

We provide a wide variety of topics for you to create your pay per call listing under. The category section gives you the ability to expand your visibility and customer base. The more topics you cover the more categories you will appear in.

Your free subscription give you the ability to create 5 pay per call listings. This means you have 5 different opportunity to grow your business visibility. Or multiply your business by 5 times. 


Create listing in categories you are comfortable with or want to explore. 


Make listing for topics that don’t fit the category. For example, don’t put a psychic listing under home and garden.

If you have any suggestions for categories feel free to recommend a new category for us to consider. We review and appreciate every suggestions and will be adding more categories soon.


3.  Status

Often times when we are seeking assistance from others we like to know they're level of expertise.  The status makes this possible.  No need to be apprehensive about your status, this works great for experts and even novice.  Expert advisors indicate to callers that the advisor is exprienced and the novice let the callers know they are new to the business.  Or you may be knowledable in one category and certified in another.  Choose where you fit for the particular pay per call lisitng you are creating. Below is a list of the status and definitions. 


A novice is an advisor who is new to a field or activity.


An advisor possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; intelligent; well-informed.


An advisor with an academic degree awarded upon successful completion of a course of study in higher education, normally at a college or university.


An advisor that has earned a certification officially recognizing to possess certain qualifications or meeting certain standards; accredited, recognized, licensed


An advisor who is engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime conforming to the technical and ethical standards of a profession.


An advisor who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.


4.  Location currently supports pay per call listings and accepts payments in the following 15 countries.

The location helps you appear in search results in the country of your choice.  You can also create listings in other countries to grow your international clientele.


5.  Description

Your description is where you really get the chance to shine.  This is the section where you let your potiental caller know

  1. Who you are
  2. Why they should call you 
  3. What to expect when they call you
  4. Andy special promotions or discounts you offer
  5. Schduleing or availableity/hours of operation


Be original and descritive - The more information about yourself and your service you provide the better. This is another area where keywords and long-tail keywords can come in handy.  If you struggle with writing there are services out there like where you can find a copywriter to help you write a great descrition.  Or you can alway search through the listings of advisors and find an advisor with a great description and has him or her to help you.  


Be afraid to share - If you have a story to tell, tell it!  If you've overcome a hardship or accomplished a life long goal let the world know.  People who share more or people who give more get more.  Don't believe the hype if someone tells you that people don't read descritions.  Not only do people read descriptions but so do search engines.  Studies have found that search engines rank web pages based on several key factors, one being word count.  When someone searches Google for a topic, Google wants to return the page with the most content on the subject.  If Google finds a page with 10 words on it and another page with 300 words on it.  Who do you think will rank the highest?


6.  Price Per Minute

You can set your price per minute rate anywhere betwen $0.50 - $75 per minute.  You can adjsut your fee to any rate whenever you choose.  You may want to give a special rate to different clients depending on the request.  For example a webcam call may be more per minute than a call without cam. Or a line for legal advice or fiancial domination may fluctuate depending on the caller.  Every call is time and date stamped in your call log and your payment is updated immediately after every call, in real time.


7.  Featured

When you feature your listing it receives a red pay per minute lable and appears on the landing page of for maximum visiblity.  Pay per call listings that are featured also rotate between the five spaces on the home page and change to a different set of featured advisors everytime the page is refreshed.

PaidByTheMinute featured listings


8.  On Top

Places your pay per call listing at the top of the search directory.  When anyone does a general search the lsitings on top appear first. A listing can be on top, featured, both or neither.  If neither option is selected your listing is place in the directories nearest avaialbe possition.


9.  Image

Images are a great tool to uset to give your callers a visiual of the service your provide.  Be sure that your images are resized so the width max is at 1000px.  For example if you have a photo that is 2000 x 2000 please resize it so the width max is 1000 (and the size aspect is locked).  If you try to upload an image and you have issues, it's probably becuase of the image size.  Smartphones with HD cameras tend to take very high resolution images (which is great).  However they are also large and be problematic at times.  Luckily there are plenty of free solutions on the market to fix this like which is a free online site that works similar to photoshop.  If you are uncomfortable with computers and need assistance simply send us your photos and we'll resize it for you and add it to your listing for you free of charge.

Each pay per call listing under the free subscrition comes with a 3 slider carousel or you can upgrade your account at any time to add more photos.

Free Subscrition = Display up to 15 pics (3 photos per listing, 5 listing total)

Plus Subscrition = Display up to 50 pics (5 photos per listing, 10 listing total)

Pro Subscrition = Display up to 200 pics (10 photos per listing, 20 listing total)


10.  Publish

Last but definetly not least is the publish button.  After all of your information is put togethre and your photos are added you are now ready make your pay per call listing live by pressing the publish button.  When you press publish your listing will instantly be placed in the business directory live and ready to receive calls.  Once your listing is live you don't have to do anything else to keep your listing active.  You will see a notificaiton in your account when your free subsctiotn is apporacing it's deadline.  At this point you can simply renew the free subscrition or upgrade your account.

Publishing your listing also sends an alert to the search engines that your page is now available and ready to be viewed.

Simply put.  Put some thought into your listings.  Don't go through the whole "peralisis thourhg analytis thing" by over analytizing it, you can always change it and improve on it as you grow.  As you take more calls you will develop new techniques and content that will keep the phone ringing.  Don't be afraid to experiement and try new things.  If you need any assistance don't hesitate to send us a message.  

Create Your Pay Per Call Listing