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Featured provides phone operators with a free pay-per-call and pay-per-text phone line and the opportunity to work from home or work from anywhere. Advisors can set their own rate per minute phone line in various categories: business advice, counseling and therapy, phone with cam, life coaching, psychic medium, tarot reading, psychic hotline, tech support, love advice, adult chat, relationship advice, women home alone, men home alone and more. Call for advice or just to chat. It's FREE to start and connect with an advisor.

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Life advice
Are you looking for life advice? Do you ever find yourself in need of guidance? At some point in our lives, we all face problems that seem as though finding a solution is virtually impossible to do on our own. This is the reason why PaidByTheMinute exists. Many people don’t know where to turn for answers so they continue to go through life confused and misguided. We have advisors from all walks of life that are experienced and ready to share what they've learned to help you find the answers you're looking for. After all, the common goal among our advisors is to help you overcome your obstacles. When you feel you're ready to make the first step, call one of our trusted advisors to get your peace of mind back.

Psychic reading
Many psychic hotlines, websites and even psychic apps on the market today promise accurate readings, but only after providing your credit card info, and only after answering lengthy surveys. At, we provide true and free* psychic readings, while eliminating the the hassle of unnecessary questionnaires. Plus, we make it easy for you to instantly connect with a psychic advisor, with no upfront costs and no credit card required. Once you’ve established a connection, adding funds to your account is seamless with just one click. We want to ensure that you are provided with the best possible service.

Business advice
Business is constantly evolving, which is why changing with the times is an absolute necessity to surviving in any sector. Being “business savvy” not only means being business educated, but it also means having life experience, as well. If you want to achieve your business goals, you can’t do it alone. That’s why is your one-stop shop for your business questions and concerns. Trying to decide which type of business to start? Are you interested in a niche market? Not sure where to turn for access to financing? Call to chat with one of our business advisors today.

Drug Addiction Advice
Drug addiction affects countless people and their families worldwide. There are a vast amount of factors that can lead someone down the path of self-destruction, some of which are passed down genetically, while others are learned. No matter the cause, if there is a problem, then by definition, a solution must be available. If you find yourself in need of help, speaking with an advisor experienced in addiction could be the first step to reclaiming your life. Register to connect with a drug addiction counselor today.

Marriage Counseling
Marriage is a big step for anyone and the decision to spend the rest of your life shouldn’t be taken lightly. Those that have chosen to make the commitment know first-hand that bumps in the road are bound to happen. When problems do arise, many turn to counseling to sort them out. If you feel you could benefit from marriage counseling, consider connecting with one of our trusted and experienced marriage counselors via phone or webcam right here.

Career advice
Choosing a career can be a daunting task, especially if you have multiple skills and talents. The same can be true if you have limited resources, as well. This is why career counseling and advice is in demand more so than ever before. Not only that, social media and technology have undoubtedly created new career opportunities for many, even helping some achieve massive success as a second career. If you are at a crossroad in your career or having trouble deciding on a new one, call and speak with a career advisor to help you sort through it.

Love and Relationship advice
Are you in a great relationship looking to keep the flame going? Perhaps you’re on the other end of the spectrum wondering if it’s time to let go. Relationships have a way of affecting each of us in different ways. When we accept someone into our lives, it involves taking the good with the not-so-good. We each have faults and habits that can become frustrating to deal with, making day to day life a bit of a challenge. If you need help navigating your way through a difficult time, allow one of our many seasoned relationship advisors to help you determine what to do next.

Stress and anxiety
Many people are plagued with debilitating stress and bouts of anxiety, while not knowing how to overcome either one. Stress can often lead to deteriorating physical health, mental health, and even drug dependency. That’s why it’s important to understand the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and how your diet, career, and loved ones may be contributing to it. Getting organized and having someone to help guide you to a healthier mindset will not only prove to be beneficial, but is also just a few clicks away.

Adult Chat
Are you looking for something of a more intimate nature? Sexual fantasies and fetishes are both welcome and explored in great detail by our advisors. Are you in the mood for an adult conversation without any taboos? Or maybe you’re new to the idea of phone sex and need someone to help ease you into a comfortable dialogue? First timers are treated with care and if you’re already familiar with adult chat, we‘ll match your skill set, guaranteed. Let PaidByTheMinute help you discover a wide array of phone sex operators (pso) ready to make your wildest dreams come true.

Live WebCam
A live webcam session is always an option if a more interactive experience is what you’re looking for. Commonly used for personal training, business meetings, adult play and much more, connecting with your advisor via webcam is the perfect way to get the most out of your phone session. All of our advisors have a direct message link on their listings designated for initiating webcam calls, with some even displaying their hours of availability, which can be most helpful for scheduling calls in advance.

Motivational Advice
We all need to be motivated at some point in our lives, especially if your life is filled with the most mundane of daily activities. Repetition can often breed boredom, which can lead to low energy as well as well as poor performance. When those times arise it’s good to have someone there to encourage and motivate you back to a place where you can feel good about the direction in which you’re headed. Like a pilot light in an oven, there’s a flame within us that, if we just had someone to come along and light it for us, it could change the course of our lives. Create your account today to get the daily dose of motivation you need!

Tech Advice
Do you need tech support from someone knowledgeable and experienced in the tech business? No matter what your needs, we have tech advisors that can assist with your tech problems, whether simple or complex. For example, Apple and Windows computers both maintain systems with so many moving parts. So whether you’re building a website, or having difficulties navigating your computer or smartphone, we have advisors available to meet every need.

Tourism Advice
Traveling is a life-changing experience, and with the creation of social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we now have access to some of the most breathtaking destinations the world has to offer, and they’re all right at our fingertips. With so many places to explore, it’s hard to decide where to go and what to do once you get there. Let a PaidByTheMinute tour guide advisor help you discover things like places to eat, popular nightlife scenes, local museums, best places to shop, and much more!


I honestly do like how simple and easy it is to get started.


Great service! It really helps supplement my income, highly recommended.


I love the customers and the support is helpful.

Sadie Deluxe

Amazing platform! I've met so many interesting people here.

Cindy Owen

The flexibility of working on my own schedule is fantastic. Help is always there as well to answer any questions. Keep up the good job PBTM!


Sharing my mechanical skills has never been easier to monetize. Love this site!

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