Catori- Spiritual/metaphysical Mentor

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Catori- Spiritual/metaphysical Mentor

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Greetings! Light and love! I am an RN by trade however, I prefer a more spiritual/metaphysical/energetic/Auric approach. I am a certified Reiki Master(energetic healer), Tarot practitioner, regular and intuitive use of crystals for healing and auric field cleansing. I also use Oracle cards. I am able to assist with ridding dissonant or negative energetic attachments, entities, and the like whether in person or distantly. As a reiki master I can teach and attune reiki to individuals serious about learning the skill. I was put on this earth to assist individuals who do not "see" as I see "feel" as I feel to learn to do so and/or acclimate to this life with the understanding we are constantly influenced by the unseen.

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