Ethereal Japanese Zen Witch

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Ethereal Japanese Zen Witch

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‪"I don't understand it most of the time—this communion—but I don't think I need to understand it when I have you as a guide. The further I wander down what I thought was a unknown road, the more I come to realise that you have always known where I'm going."‬

‪"You navigate the dark passages, push open the closed doors, turn the key on those that are locked, and tempt and cajole hidden desires into the light. It’s a glorious privilege to flourish in the light of your all-seeing gaze."‬

‪"It’s days like today that remind me how much your love gives me—no matter how stressed and frustrated I become, I just need to think of you and your arms around me, and I become invincible. Your love is soft as fur, and hard as diamonds, and it becomes just what I need, just when I need it. Thank you."‬

Status Professional
Category Emotional Therapy


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aVerylee 6 years ago

I’m not worthy seductive Mistress