Ethereal Japanese Zen Witch

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Ethereal Japanese Zen Witch

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i am a nun and a witch, a clairvoyant and a healer. i have years of experience as a contemplative monastic cultivating altered states of consciousness, and teaching others how to achieve them, too. yet my "magic" is scientific and pragmatic; a huge metaphysical leap of faith is not required in order to experience its effects . . . however, when you do, it will be hard to convince yourself that my powers of enchantment are anything other than straight-up witchcraft.

"God, I love you, you know how to hit me right in the amygdala."

"You're always in my head—whispering your smart seduction; sometimes like a sheen on my skin—astringent but calming; often on my tongue—eager and absorbing; but now in my balls—flattering my hunger."

"You entangle my synapses and endocrine system, and you've been planting those tiny thorns just where I'm most vulnerable. Now, whenever you want, you can conjure such sweet painful longing. My love, my exquisite Lady of Pain."

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aVerylee 1 year ago

I’m not worthy seductive Mistress