Facing An Eviction In California?

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Facing An Eviction In California?

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Facing an eviction? Have you been served with a 3 day notice? 30 day? 60 day? Let's talk. I am a Calspro Certified Process Server who has worked with Unlawful Detainer Attorneys all over California. I have served process in hundreds of legal cases, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area where the housing laws are far more strict. Don't know what to do after you have been served? While I cannot provide legal advice, I can inform you on what I have seen countless times in a variety of cases. Were you properly served? Is your landlord harassing you? Is the property in need of repair and the landlord refuses to fix it? I can help! LET'S TALK TODAY! Unlawful Detainers are summary proceedings, meaning the cases move through the courts quicker than other cases and take precedence over other civil matters. Don't hesitate to find out what you can do to answer the complaint against you before it's too late. I can help! Give me a call today!

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