Intuitive Tarot Reading With Mycelia Moss

$1.11/per min $3.33/per text

Intuitive Tarot Reading With Mycelia Moss

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Hello and welcome!
I believe the future is constantly reshaped by our choices in the ongoing present.
Tarot can be a window into that process, illuminating our patterns.
My reading style is intuitive, rooted in ethics and respect for boundaries.

** Text for a written message, which includes a photo of your cards from a handmade deck. One question per text please!

** Call for a live reading with a custom spread, based on your inquiry and amount of time available. (Recap text and photo are not available for this option. No audio recordings, feel free to take notes if you want!)

These tarot readings are for entertainment and for personal use only.
Please do not resell any part of the reading.
Please give credit if you choose to share.
Please use discernment in applying any insight that resonates to your life.

Thank you for supporting small business!

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Category Tarot


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