The Wise Puppet Here To Help

$1.00/per min

The Wise Puppet Here To Help

Ext. 17406


Hello, I'm not here to talk sex or waste your time. I come to you as a wise puppet because I'm "Judgement-Free", kind, loving and wise. I'm here to listen to you and help you with:

How To Be As Happy As Possible - Discussion & Wise Life Hacks
Navigating Relationships - Family, Friends & Workplace
Self-Introspection - Daily Self Improvement
Self-Expression - Heal & Be Yourself
Self-Esteem Building
Emotional IQ - Put It To Work For You

As "The Wise Puppet" I'm here to help you.

Call me/'The Wise Puppet' to set up an appointment to talk.

Status Knowledgeable
Category Personal Advice


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