Below are the rules that each advisor must follow to continue using Violation of these rules will result in suspension of account or possible termination.

Do not exceed the maximum time.
It is your responsibility as an advisor to terminate the calls on or before the maximum time. Any time that exceeds the maximum call time is deducted from your salary. To ensure this does not happen PaidByTheMinute recommends setting a timer to end at least 1 minute before the end of the maximum call time.

Do not give private information
PaidByTheMinute does not allow advisors to create lists that advertise escort services or in-person meetings. PaidByTheMinute recommends that you do not disclose personal contact information to Members. If you choose to disclose this information, you do so at your own risk.

Forbidden Content
When creating content for listings, advisors are expected to follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances related to obscene and indecent content and communications. PaidByTheMinute specifically prohibits any listing that includes, without limitation, the following subject matter:


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