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One of the toughest things about having money is knowing what to do with it once you make it.  At PaidByTheMinute we believe that making and saving money shouldn't be confusing or a chore.  As easy as it is to create your free listings and get paid it should be just as easy to save and invest the money you earn - automatically! 

Our job is to help you find ways to stay financially on track and Acorns is a great way to do so. When you sign up for a Acorns account you get $5 for free from us to get started.*  Once you sign up and get started thats it!  You don't have to do anything.  Every time you make a purchase the change from your purhase is automatically invested.  Since this process is automatic, chances are pretty good that you'll continue doing it for a long time growing a nice nest egg for your family and future.

Acorns makes it simple and cheap to make small investments. It's a great "muscle builder" for creating a habit of putting away money.

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*one gift per account