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For the month of May the advisor with the most listing shares will receive a free $50 payout for the month of June.  This is one of many promotions that we have coming for 2021 to help put more money in your pocket.  This also includes any affiliates that you have (you receive a percentage of any money your affiliates make).  Please keep in mind that only active listings have the ability to share and "text only" listings are also eligible to win.  The count is done digitally to ensure authenticity and the winner will be paid on the May 5th payout.  To participate all you need to do is share a published listing via your listing page, details below.


Share from your profile


Every pay-per-call listing you publish comes with a ‘share’ button that automatically formats your listing, ready to be posted on an additional 84 platforms all in one click you can view the list of sites here. To publish a listing you need to have a subscription.  NOTE:  Although your free subscription gives you the ability to create up to 5 pay per call listings you only need to share one of your listings to qualify to win.

Just to be clear let's review one more time:

1.  Create a listing

2.  Share the listing via your share button on your listing page

3.  The advisor with the most shares wins.

Easy as 1,2,3.  If you have any questions send us a message