Advisor Spotlight

Are you ready to be in the spotlight and have your listings promoted to our growing community around the world??
Advisors are the lifeline of PBTM and we want to do all that we can to help you succeed. That’s why were starting our Advisor Spotlight campaign.
Those selected are ones who have established themselves as a PBTM top advisor. Keep reading to see how you, too, can be in the ‘spotlight’ and gain more exposure and free promotion…



Complete listings
What do we mean by ‘complete’ listings? This means they’re specific, informative and descriptive. Listings with vague titles and no description do a big disservice to the advisor, as they can easily get overlooked and lost in the shuffle. The more complete your listings, the better your chances of making the Spotlight.

Learn more on how to create a listing

5 Listings or More
It’s simple—the more listings, the more visibility. Also, be sure that you add your listing to the correct category. Advisors with only one listing and listings in the wrong category will not be considered for Spotlight position.


Become an Affiliate
PaidByTheMinute's affiliate program was designed to be convenient and hassle-free. Other than getting people to sign up using your personally assigned affiliate code, there is absolutely nothing more you have to do.
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